About Us

Welcome to the AmtrakTimeTable.com online library archives website!

In the ole days, Amtrak previously offered physical printed copy of all train routes schedules and even a full system-wide colored brochure that has more than 100+ pages including all station information and many more . This site was created when COVID-19 pandemic arrived and I realized that Amtrak removed the PDF schedules that everyone has been ranting about and there was no solution. That is when I decided to create this website with easy to remember domain name site, afterwards everything is history.

I always liked to collect any timetables or booklet that I pick up anywhere because it’s an collection. I hopefully one day that Amtrak will resume the PDF and even Booklet publication one day! How we can make this happen? Voice your concerns to Amtrak and ensure that we demand value convenience service that we shall deserve.

I created the website AmtrakTimeTable.com with the primary purpose of fostering a strong and connected community among rail enthusiasts and passengers who appreciate the unique experience of traveling by train, particularly with Amtrak. Train travel holds a special place in my heart, and I believe it is a precious and invaluable mode of transportation.

Through AmtrakTimeTable.com, I aimed to create a platform that keeps everyone in the loop regarding Amtrak-related news, updates, and information. By consolidating relevant data, schedules, and travel tips, I strive to provide a comprehensive resource for passengers seeking a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Moreover, the website acts as a gathering place for like-minded individuals who share a passion for train travel. It serves as a virtual community where people can connect, share their experiences, and exchange valuable insights. I strongly believe in the power of collective knowledge and the sense of camaraderie that can arise when people with similar interests come together.

Supporting Amtrak is another key aspect of the website’s mission. I firmly believe in the value and significance of train travel, not only as an efficient means of transportation but also as a unique way to experience the beauty of our country’s landscapes and foster connections with fellow travelers. AmtrakTimeTable aims to showcase this support by promoting Amtrak’s services, highlighting the benefits of train travel, and advocating for its continued growth and improvement.

By creating a space for the community to thrive, AmtrakTimeTable.com seeks to enhance the overall train travel experience and reinforce the notion that travel by train is indeed precious. Through shared stories, tips, and a sense of togetherness, we can celebrate the joy of train travel and inspire others to embark on their own unforgettable journeys.

Together, let us keep everyone in the loop, strengthen our support for Amtrak, and ensure that the beauty and wonder of train travel continue to be cherished and celebrated for generations to come.

Little Story About Me

I’m Joseph, the Deaf Traveler and Vlogger and I travel lot by train, bus, planes and other mode of public transportation wherever they offer to the public. For past 10+ years, I’ve been travelling on Amtrak and logged over 19,000 miles on it and I also travel often on Greyhound bus also. I most travel on Empire Service, Lake Shored Limited, Northeast Regionals, Keystone, Silver Star and Silver Meteor and once in while, I ride other routes wherever Amtrak takes me to. Things will get more interesting in 2023 when I will start travel out to the west coast.

I hope you will enjoy my site and I’ll write my travel reviews and provide all online resources that you need to prepare for your next Amtrak trip and hope you will enjoy yours! I also own a website called TransitRider Productions where I post all my photos/videos on all trips I had done in the past so check them out!

If you would like to reach me out, I would love to hear from you by contact me at my contact page.

Once again, thank you for your time and enjoy our site!