Amtrak Upgrades Superliner Fleet Cars

Amtrak has initiated a multi-million-dollar and multi-year project to improve the customer experience aboard its long distance trains serving overnight routes across the country. Elements of this work were displayed in June 2021 at Chicago Union Station.

Modernized interiors of Amtrak’s bi-level “Superliner” fleet, serving primarily midwestern, southern and western routes, will improve comfort with new seating cushions and upholstery, carpet, LED lighting, tables and curtains. All Superliner Coaches, Sleeping Cars, Dining Cars and Sightseer Lounges will be refreshed. “Viewliner I” Sleeping Cars operating to and from the east and southeast will be similarly improved.

In all, more than 450 railcars will be refreshed over the next three years at an investment of $28 million, extending the useful life and modernizing cars that were delivered in the 1980s and 1990s. The first refreshed coaches will carry travelers this summer, with the other three types of Superliners deployed starting this fall of 2021.



Source: News content and photos provided by Amtrak.

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