Amtrak Restore Dining Service For Coach Passengers in West Coast Routes


As of March 1, 2023 Amtrak Coach passengers now will have ability to access to the Dining car for first time since COVID 19 Pandemic that was previously eliminated. Some detailed information below will explain more and how it works.

This week, Amtrak is once again allowing coach passengers to enjoy its “traditional dining” service on long-distance trains across the west. It is the first time coach riders will be able to enjoy dinner in the diner since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The dining car will be open to all on the California ZephyrCoast StarlightEmpire BuilderSouthwest Chief and Sunset Limited trains

Breakfast – $20 per passenger

Lunch – $25 per passenger

Dinner – $45 for Three Course Meal (It comes with Entrée, Dinner, Dessert and drinks included)

The bottom line: ONLY 16 Coach Passengers will be allowed per meal service. The reason of this they want to have enough room for Sleeping Car passengers to access the Dining Car.


Curious what the meals would look like? Check Dining Menu to see!

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