Why Should I Buy Business Class Seat on Amtrak Northeastern Regional Trains?

When it comes to traveling by train, Amtrak offers a range of seating options to cater to different passengers’ needs. While economy class seats are the most common choice, business class seats provide an elevated travel experience with several advantages worth considering. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of purchasing a business class seat on Amtrak and why it may be a worthwhile investment for your journey.

By means, the Business Class seat diagram on Northeast Trains diagram map shown below:

Business Class Seat

The top 5 reasons why you should travel in Business Class:

  1. Enhanced Comfort and Spaciousness:

One of the primary reasons to opt for a business class seat on Amtrak is the enhanced comfort it provides. Business class carriages typically feature wider seats with additional legroom, allowing you to stretch out and relax during your journey. The seats often recline further, providing a more comfortable position for sleeping or resting. Enjoy the luxury of ample personal space and a quieter environment that enhances relaxation and productivity.

  1. Priority Boarding and Amenities:

Purchasing a business class ticket grants you the advantage of priority boarding, ensuring you can settle into your seat and get comfortable before the train departs. Amtrak’s business class passengers are also entitled to a range of exclusive amenities. These may include complimentary Wi-Fi access, power outlets for charging your devices, and dedicated service attendants who are available to assist you throughout your journey. These perks contribute to a more pleasant and convenient travel experience.

  1. Onboard Refreshments:

Business class passengers on Amtrak can enjoy a selection of complimentary refreshments during their trip. Depending on the route and time of travel, these refreshments may include snacks, beverages, and light meals. This service saves you the hassle of bringing your own food or searching for dining options during stops, allowing you to savor a satisfying onboard dining experience.

  1. Quiet Atmosphere and Productivity:

For those who value a peaceful environment conducive to work or relaxation, business class provides a quieter atmosphere compared to the bustling economy class. Whether you need to catch up on emails, read a book, or prepare for a meeting, the serene surroundings of the business class carriage enable increased productivity and focus. With access to power outlets and complimentary Wi-Fi, you can stay connected and make the most of your travel time.

  1. Extra Storage and Accessibility:

Business class carriages on Amtrak often offer additional storage options, such as overhead bins and dedicated compartments for stowing your belongings conveniently. This extra space allows you to keep your essentials within reach while ensuring a clutter-free seating area. Furthermore, business class seats are usually located in closer proximity to amenities like restrooms, making them easily accessible during the journey.


Choosing a business class seat on Amtrak offers a range of advantages that enhance your travel experience. From enhanced comfort and spaciousness to priority boarding, complimentary refreshments, and a quiet atmosphere for increased productivity, business class provides a level of luxury and convenience worth considering. If you value a more comfortable journey with added amenities, investing in a business class ticket on Amtrak can transform your train travel into a truly enjoyable and efficient experience.

For more information about Amtrak Business Class or purchase a ticket, please go to https://www.amtrak.com/business-class.

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