Amtrak NEC Service Tweak Change

Amtrak made small tweak change to the Northeast Corridor train schedules starting June 5th and this was reported by a person on Facebook groups about this update so we want to share the good news, here is the outline changes:

  • 190 returns for Washington – Boston Service only Monday to Friday.
  • 170 is retimed.
  • 130 and 172 swap slots for Washington to New York City.
  • 196 is renumbered as 136, and extended to Springfield stop.
  • 180 is annulled.
  • 125 is extended to Springfield (still continues to Newport News).
  • 185 and 141 swap slots New York City to Newport News, 141 will now continue through to Norfolk instead of 185.
  • 179 returns for Boston – New York City service.
  • #84 NE Regional now no longer stops at Newark, Delaware instead #125 will now stop at Newark, Delaware.

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