Open Letter To Amtrak

I would like to share my concerns so I am fed up so I decided to sit down and open my arms and start writing a open letter in regarding complaints about crews taking over cafe cars and block paying passengers can’t hang out in the cafe car. It’s time for us to do something and end this nonsense.

What actually “Open Letter” means:

An open letter is a form of written communication that is intended to be read by a wide audience, rather than being specifically addressed to a particular individual or organization. It is typically used to express opinions, concerns, or suggestions on a particular topic or issue, and the letter is often published in newspapers, magazines, or online platforms, making it accessible to the public.

The term “open” in “open letter” refers to its availability and visibility to a broader audience, inviting readers beyond the intended recipient to engage with the message. Open letters are often written by individuals, groups, or organizations to address matters of public interest, raise awareness about certain issues, or advocate for specific causes.

By making the letter public, the author aims to attract attention, create discussion, and influence public opinion or the actions of the addressed party. Open letters can cover a wide range of topics, including social and political issues, public policy, corporate practices, environmental concerns, and many other subjects. They serve as a powerful tool for individuals and groups to express their views and advocate for change in a transparent and accessible manner.

Here is the letter what I have send to Amtrak, I would like to hear your opinions/concerns by post your response in the comment section below. When I get the response from Amtrak, I’ll publish them here on our website so everyone will see.

The open Letter:

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