New Long Distance ADA Trainsets Preview Released

I found this interesting information on the new layout for Amtrak to develop and design a new accessible train to meet ADA standards . I found this on Facebook so I though to share with you all and see your opinion on this. I also provide links so you can read more about it.

Amtrak – ADA Feedback page information & ADA Information

More details on Amtrak’s concepts for a new ADA-compliant long distance fleet.

Sure to generate considerable debate, the two concepts are premised on fixed consist trainsets.

The 10-car single-level trainset proposal (shown in the attached diagram) includes:

Car #1- Non-accessible coach, 2-2 seating.

Car #2 – Half non-accessible/half accessible coach, 2-2 seating; 32-inch path begins.

Car #3 – Non-accessible 1-2 seating/accessible coach.

Car #4 – Accessible coach (1-2 seating)/café

Car #5 – Accessible diner/galley

Car #6 – Accessible diner/lounge (diner section adjacent to galley in car 5)

Car #7 – Sleeping car, 3 accessible bedrooms, 2 non-accessible bedrooms; 32-inch path ends.

Car #8 – Non-accessible roomette sleeper

Car #9 – Non-accessible bedroom sleeper

Car #10 – Utility car (Crew Rooms & Baggage).

The 9-car bilevel trainset (shown in the attached diagram) includes non-accessible features on the lower levels & accessible features accessed via elevators on the upper levels.

Car #1 – Lower: Non-accessible coach 2-2 seating

Upper: Non-accessible & accessible seating, bathroom; 32-inch path begins

Car #2 – Elevator – Lower: Non-accessible 2-2 seating

Upper: Accessible 2 -1 coach seating & restroom

Car #3 – Lower: Non-accessible coach 2-2 seating

Upper: Accessible coach/café (1-2 coach seating—café at one end of the car)

Car #4 – Upper: Dining car with some accessible seating (galley below)

Car #5 Lower: Non-accessible roomettes and family room

Upper: Accessible Lounge & 1 accessible room

Car #6 – Elevator – Lower: Non-accessible roomettes and family rooms

Upper: Accessible rooms

Car #7 – Lower: Non-accessible roomettes and family room

Upper: Accessible (3 bedrooms); 32-inch path ends; non-accessible (2 bedrooms);

Car #8 – Lower: Non-accessible roomettes and family room

Upper: Non-accessible bedrooms

Car #9 – Lower: Baggage

Upper: Non-accessible roomettes and crew rooms

REMEMBER…These are only initial concepts being considered and many modifications are likely to occur during the design process.

SO … Share your thoughts!

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