Amtrak OIG Release Report New Amtrak Acela Avelia Liberty Train is Unstable

As said the title above. I was provided a copy of OIG report was send from Amtrak in regarding the Amtrak report why the new Amtrak Acela Avelia Liberty train is not in service due to “Mechanical Issues” but when the OIG report came out, everything is history. I’ll share the screenshots below and also a link to the PDF copy if you would like to download/read them at your own risk.

This is sadness because now we know why the massive delays and now we have to pay more money to get these trains fixed. They claimed will start in 2023, then it moved to early 2024 then now they said “2024” but honestly from the report I see, I think the launch date might be extended until 2025. So don’t hold your breath and let’s see what happens in 2024.

My opinion: Amtrak needs to blacklist Alstom for future RFPs so we don’t have to waste our money on repairs after brand new trainsets has been built.

See the OIG Report screenshots below and also: PDF Report from OIG.

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