Amtrak quietly changes requirements for Metropolitan Lounge access

In ole days, Business Class passengers could get in these lounges in LA and Chicago without problems. Amtrak thinks differently: Overcrowded? Or Amtrak is bleeding for more money?

Business Class passengers in LA & Chicago now must buy a day pass for access. Previously Business Class passengers have free access to these lounges. 

To see locations where Amtrak owns and maintain these private lounges across the country:

First Class (Acela Trains) and Sleeper Passengers and Amtrak Guest Rewards who hold Select Plus or Select Executive still have truly unlimited access to the lounge.

This rumor was found at Reddit so we want to share the heads up for riders like you to be aware of the changes. If you feel this should not be taken in it’s place, write to Amtrak and share your concerns and get our voices heard.

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