All links that is related to Amtrak, Fan pages, Message boards and all others. If you have a site is not listed, let us know and it’ll be added here.

Official: – The official website that is owned/operated by The National Passenger Corporation based out in Washington, DC.

Track Your Train – The official Amtrak real time train tracking site.

Amtrak Food Facts – Ever want to know what is in the food and how much salt, etc? This will have detailed information.

Great American Stations – Wonderful detailed site about each Amtrak stations.

Fan Pages:

Amtrak Status Map – The real time Amtrak status map, this based off from the Amtrak official site.

Amtrak Archives – Cool site that has all PDF that you can check that Amtrak used give out free printed copy but they managed to get all it PDF.

The Museum of Railway Archives – The cool site that you can find all Amtrak schedules dating back to 1971.

Track A Train – the new updated better train tracking site.

Rail Rat – The train tracking for Mobile Devices only.

Amtrak Station Address – It list every Amtrak stations across the country with physical address.

Trip with Kev – A useful site, more detailed about routes, layouts, etc. A must see.

Cyberspace World Railroad – Cool simple schedule in text

TransitRider Productions – My official website

Amtrak on Reddit – Meet other real people and hear stories/rants/etc

Amtraker – Cool other Amtrak train tracker site


Rail Passenger Corporation – The non profit do the work focus on US Rail network.

Amtrak Unlimited Discussion Forum – The well known message board where you can meet and find useful resources there.

OpenRailMap – a COOL find, it shows all rails across the country, check it out!

Amtrak Dining Menu Archives – NorthWestern University has old dining menu dated back to 1979, a cool find!

Amtrak Car Diagrams – Cool find to see the floor plans of all the Amtrak Fleet they operates!

Amtrak Unofficial Groups on Facebook (Fan Groups):